We are resistant to change because we are hardwired through evolution to stay in a state of equilibrium and preserve energy. In fact, we crave the comfort of positive emotion and familiarity so much that we have labeled adversities as things to eradicate at any cost, failing to recognize that they may offer us an indispensable opportunity for growth.

The strenuous moments of adversity which force us to reflect on the inner depths of our character, and to even ponder the very meaning of life itself, change us irreversibly and cultivate our sense of empathy for others, for the world, and for ourselves. Overcoming adversity may give us a newfound sense of self, and a sense of our own power and adaptability. It may also connect us to others in a deeper, more authentic way.



 Recognizing That Every Action Matters

We all live embedded within systems, and our actions carry significance beyond our own lives. What follows is that cultivating sisu on an individual level, has the potential to impact and empower entire communities. When we ourselves act virtuously and see people around us glorify qualities such as sisu, resilience, compassion and integrity, or display action-mindset, we adopt this as the desired action and it becomes the norm.


How we behave and what we hold in reverence becomes part of the broader cultural narrative. To truly cultivate well-being in our communities, and to raise the entire average up, we must recognize the immense impact our actions have on others and strive to create an entire culture of sisu.The key to making this happen lies in the power of the collective and in this process we each play a part.